Intelligent Lighting Controls – The New Way To Light Your Commercial Building

Commercial, industrial and institutional lighting have all gained substantially in recent years from the rapid advances in both computers and lighting technology. The advent of intelligent lighting controls now offers commercial and industrial businesses greater opportunities for more impressive energy savings and improved control of a number of lighting parameters. For example, businesses can expect to increase profits through reducing energy costs. The benefits of leveraging this type of innovative adaptive lighting do not end with energy savings either. 

In fact, modern wireless lighting control systems can improve productivity in the workplace while at the same time make almost any work space large or small far more inviting and comfortable. Even more remarkable is that lighting controls that are deemed “intelligent” will pay for themselves many times over in a relatively short period of time through direct savings in energy costs. Energy efficiency and enhanced productivity are just a few excellent reasons to consider new innovative “smart” lighting. A wireless lighting control system is in effect an “intelligent network” based lighting control solution that uses communication between various system inputs and outputs. 

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Commercial buildings benefit particularly through the use of lighting controls that are intelligent by design. From networked wireless lighting controls to advanced sensors and a variety of smart technologies, intelligent lighting controls are a perfect addition to any commercial structure. Best of all, when intelligent lighting systems are combined with LED lighting, the net effect is even greater energy savings across the board. This is important for businesses that monitor bottom line performance closely. Where every penny counts, energy conservation is a major factor that must never be overlooked. 

As with commercial buildings, street lighting benefits in similar ways. While not exactly on a scale with commercial building applications, municipal authorities can pocket real and measurable savings each and every year through economical and well-planned lighting. Simple upgrades and modifications to commercial lighting can offer surprising savings. The ability to control different parameters and aspects of lighting is in many ways essential to any long-term energy awareness effort. From smart dimmers to fully automated controls, intelligent lighting controls are indeed the wave of the future. They are affordable and easy to install with the help of an experienced and skilled lighting expert. Frequently installed components include energy management controls, occupancy sensors and daylight harvesting systems. 

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The days of old-fashioned lighting controls may be gone forever thanks to the amazing alternatives coming to market today. Intelligent control of lights offers wireless options as well as custom interface panels such as LCDs and even audio speech control. Additional unique and innovative features include touch controls and motion sensors. Controlling lighting intelligently is quickly becoming the new baseline for commercial and industrial illumination. A better user interface for lighting simply means better lighting management. Energy savings is assured because intelligent lighting controls are considered wireless lighting solutions. 

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From cutting-edge remotes to unique and innovative wall controllers and state-of-the-art motion sensing, intelligent controls will forever take the guesswork out of commercial and industrial lighting. Industry and manufacturing businesses stand to gain from all that the positive automated control of lighting has to offer. Also impressive is the fact that integrated intelligent lights have very little mechanical interfaces and therefore have far less moving parts. This reduces failure rates and as a byproduct will save businesses money by maintaining productivity at the highest levels. Legacy lighting can in no way shine a light to intelligent lighting controls. 

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Taking advanced lighting controls to the next level can also mean incorporating network based type lighting control solutions into the overall lighting scheme in use. In short, when a central lighting control computer is leveraged to better manage lighting the end result is yet again even more energy savings for businesses. This is so impressive that the popularity of intelligent lighting style controls only continues to gain in market share around the world. This type of lighting is useful for both indoor and outdoor lighting needs. Contractors and interior designers and others all stand to gain from the incredible dynamics of intelligent lights.

Adaptive lighting controls in outdoor lighting for street lights, roadways and highways for optimum energy savings is now on the radar for many municipal planners. Indeed this transformation is accelerating in the outdoor street lighting arena.

When lighting is under positive automatic computer control and LED lighting is used along with lighting system networking, the possibilities are virtually unlimited. For example, intelligent lighting controllers that sense and measure ambient light levels are quickly becoming standard today. 

Another key factor worth considering when planning for intelligently controlled lighting is that of “green building” and building concepts that makes energy conservation a prime concern. Those who embrace the importance of building with energy conservation in mind will find intelligent light systems to be a perfect complement to this type of building philosophy. More and more builders and contractors are moving in this direction, as would be expected. 

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Easy to read touchscreens and reliable smart sensors as well as smart interfaces all combine to give greatly enhanced control over lighting in a more passive way. In other words, intelligent lighting control and the energy saving that it offers is in a sense placed on autopilot. This is good news for those who like technology and those who appreciate the conveniences that technology makes possible. Lowering energy consumption while at the same time reducing lighting management workloads is a good thing to be sure. Taking lighting to the next level has never been so easy. 

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Enhancing almost any building space is easy and effortless when intelligent lighting controls are considered as a wise alternative to conventional lighting. With clear advantages in terms of energy savings and obvious green building benefits, smart lighting or intelligent lighting is well on its way to becoming the new standard in commercial lighting solutions. Why not take the time to explore all the options when it comes to innovative and unique light control systems that are intelligent and automated? It really does make sense in a world where resources are finite and where saving money is always a good thing. Contact one of our lighting experts today and turn ordinary lighting into amazing technologically advanced adaptive lighting that will save your business money and save you time.